The Qu Programming Language
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Scroll down to see a list of standard modules included in the distribution.


Qu comes with a builtin package manager that allows you to easily install and remove modules.

Simply download the source from this page to a temporary directory, say /tmp. Then do this:

cd /tmp tar -zxf Xxx.tar.gz cd Xxx qu install

If you want to test without actually installing then change the last line to:

qu -d install

All modules come with demo files. Remember to check the demo directory after installation.

All of the old external packages have been incorporated into the standard Qu distribution including Db, Gtk, Xml.

Standard Modules

The standard distribution comes with some essential modules including some database drivers.

Bits A number of functions to deal with bits.
Cache Cache files and modules.
Config Qu style configuration file.
Curses Interface to the system curses library.
Date Wide range date with second accuracy.
Db Qu standard interface to databases.
Doc Tools to build Qu documentations.
Encode A number of encoding/decoding tools.
Env Interface to the system environment.
Extern Convenient way to make shared libary modules.
Flat Flatten cascading containers.
Gc Interface to the garbage collector.
Gd Interface to the gd library.
Gdbm Interface to the GDBM library.
Gtk Interface to the GTK library.
html Support for embedding HTML syntax in Qu programs.
Iconv Interface to the iconv library
Install Tools to install Qu modules.
Lightning A simple JIT for Qu using GNU Lightning.
List Useful lists.
Locale Interface to the system locale.
Math The standard math library.
Modules Maintain a list of all installed modules.
Net Networking and the Socket class.
Os Operating system related functions.
Pack Pack/unpack strings to/from Arrays.
Pretty Source code HTML highlighter.
Qu Various Qu constants and utilities.
Readline Interface to the GNU readline library.
Regex POSIX regular experssion.
Socket Socket implementations.
Ssl Interface to OpenSSL.
Store Load/store object from/to streams.
Syslog Interface to the system logging.
Template Qu style templates.
Time Basic time/date functions.
Token All Qu tokens.
Uri Functions to deal with URI.
Valid Various validators.
Web Collection of web related modules. Includes a HTTP server.
Zlib Interface to the zlib library.


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