The Qu Programming Language
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The latest version is 1.21.05 alpha (Thu, 15-Jun-2006).

qu-latest.tar.gz (1.5MB)
md5sum = ce325241e4112d372ff786c2218a5e84

See also Changes.

If you need to keep an older version then you will have to rename the old directory, e.g. opt/qu to opt/qu120 and change the executable name, e.g. /usr/bin/qu to, say, /usr/bin/qu120.

Supported platforms

Currently Qu works on 32-bits Linux.

Porting plans is on the way but it may take a while.

The latest version has been compiled using GCC 3.4.5 and tested on Centos-4 and probably others.


Must have:
  • gcc 2.96 or later + POSIX threads (pthread)
  • make


Download the source in the /tmp directory, then:
cd /tmp tar -zxf qu-latest-tar.gz cd qu ./configure make make install

Note that make install will run the Qu installer program. It will build and install all Qu documentations.

By default, Qu will be installed in /opt/qu. There should be no reason why you want to install it somewhere else.


Assuming that Qu is installed in /opt/qu and the executable is /usr/bin/qu (it is, unless you have made some changes yourself), then:
cd /opt rm -Rf qu rm -f /usr/bin/qu


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