The Qu Programming Language
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Please report to the mailing list if you find new ones. Thanks!
Date     Reported     Version     Status     Description    
11-Aug-2005     Sean E. Russel     1.09     Active     Qu segfaults on a AMD64/Linux 2.6.11/gcc 3.4.4/Gentoo. This is a 64-bit compatibility issue and currently nobody is working on it.    
20-Dec-2005     mannequin     1.20.01 Beta     Active     Qu segfaults on PPC. For now, don't use Qu on a PPC, or at least don't use the Dlib and Proc classes.    

I only update this page occassionally so it might take some time for your report to show up here. I also don't keep my own discoveries unless someone ask me to :-) you can see them in the Changes each time I upload Qu.

Note that I have attempted to fix a number of things related to the reported bugs above. Without the machines, however, I can't tell whether they actually work.


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