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These are my original MIDI tunes. You can download these files freely from this page for non-commercial use. Data in brackets show file size, time length and date of creation. Note that the date of the source file does not necessarily have to match the creation date. All are sort of optimized for Sound Blaster AWE-32 because that's all I got. If you want to use the files in your page just go ahead (don't bother to tell me about it). For best listening experience, you might want to do what I do: use your earphone and don't set the volume too high.

Angel (14.7 KB,3:03, May-00) A song for Khatya my daugther.
Hello (16.1 KB,3:08, Sep-98) Hello, how are you?
She Smiled (18.7 KB,4:13, Jan-97) Someone I knew a long time ago.
Goodbye (13.2 KB,2:55, Mar-97) Goodbye to a precious friend, see you soon.
Just That (12.6 KB,3:03, Sep-96) Wondering what it's all about.
Friend (25.9 KB,3:06, Mar-97) For all my friends.
Bless The Day (34.0 KB,2:26, Jan-97) A lovely sunday with my daughter.
One day at a time (21.3 KB,3:16, Jan-98) Take it one day at a time.
Sincere (14.8 KB,2:51, Apr-96) A song for Khania my daughter.
Elsewhere (17.0 KB,3:22, Jul-97) There's always hope ... elsewhere.
Meet Your Doom (14.6 KB,2:10, Jul-97) You're doomed!
Just Sing (23.6 KB,3:43, Mar-98) When you're in trouble...just sing!
Never Give Up (28.7 KB,2:36, Sep-98) Don't ever give up! Keep trying.
Wonder Why (14.6 KB,3:12, Sep-96) Keep wondering why and why and why.
Child's Dream (12.8 KB,3:00, Feb-97) Watching my baby daughter asleep.
A Little Cry (4.5 KB,1:33, Aug-96) Just a little cry inside of me.
I Was There (16.2 KB,2:29, Aug-96) Yes, I was there !
The Conflict (14.6 KB,1:50, Aug-97) The conflict inside of me.
Regrets (9.91 KB,3:02, Aug-97) Will I ever regret it ?
The Way (11.3 KB,2:53, Aug-97) It's a long way (but a short song hehehe)
Vicki (18.8 KB,3:57, Aug-97) For a friend from the past.
Gentle (14.3 KB,2:40, May-97) Be gentle huh?!
You (17.6 KB,3:57, Mar-98) For you, whoever you are
Let's Dance (51.2 KB,2:31, Aug-97) Let's dance and have fun.
One Quiet Night (15.1 KB,4:19, Dec-96) I love a peace quiet night.
Away (12.4 KB,2:45, Jul-96) Away somewhere.
The Trees (4.82 KB,2:50, Mar-98) When I saw the trees.
Child (12.9 KB,4:10, Oct-96) Sleep well my child.
Take It Easy (13.0 KB,2:08, Sep-96) Just take it easy.
Let's Walk (12.6 KB,1:41, Jun-96) Let's go for a walk.
Let It Go (18.9 KB,3:53, Aug-96) Let it go away.
Quest (11.0 KB,2:25, May-96) The quest of ...err... whatever.
Early Beat (15.6 KB,1:50, Feb-96) Just a beat from my early MIDIs.
Mystery Night (20.2 KB,5:50, Jan-97) A mysterious thought late at night.
Dare (19.3 KB,1:25, Mar-97) I dare ya!
Opening-1 (6.01 KB,0:60, Jul-96) Just an opening theme.
Theme-1 (19.7 KB,1:35, Dec-96) Just a theme.
Theme-2 (21.6 KB,2:04, Dec-96) Another theme.
Theme-3 (6.81 KB,0:50, Dec-96) And another one.
Bored-1 (10.5 KB,0:56, Aug-96) One of those boring times.
Bored-2 (3.48 KB,0:48, Apr-98) And another one.

Marc Korn
By Marc Korn and me.
Jam (14.4 KB,1:34, May-00) Jam session.
My Guitar (1) (34.1 KB,2:45, May-00) Version-1.
My Guitar (2) (25.8 KB,2:12, May-00) Version-2.

This is suppose to be our little secret but for some odd reasons, I don't think we'll ever finish it. Oh well, a tribute to our Moms nevertheless ...

Sometimes we toy around. Remember Grandfunk Railroad? Well, if you do I bet you would remember the famous part in this one ...


Marc Korn is a great guy and very talented. If you want his email then you will have to ask marc at centrin with a dot net and another dot id (sorry but junk mails are simply outrageous these days). Here's two of 'em (Invention-1 is extremely well composed, simply astounding!):


Care to do something about 'em? I haven't had the time to touch them again since ... probably a couple of years by now. Too busy doing something else. Who knows they might inspire you!

lune.mid This isn't mine. Remember Claire de la Lune?
chien.mid This isn't mine either. When I was a little kid in Belgium there was this TV serial. I can't remember anything about it except the tune, the kid and his wonderful dog. Strange that I can remember the tune after more than 30 years ... Maybe because it's beautiful?
Copyright © Marc Krisnanto
Whatever that means.